Our leadership

Our Team

Our core team consists of two multi- award-winning entrepreneurs from Kenya and Nigeria. Donatus Njoroge, the founder, holds Master’s degree in applied analytical chemistry from Kenyatta University in Nairobi and Dr. Mojisola Karigidi holds a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

We each brings more than 20 years combined wealth of experience and an impressive array of dynamic skills and strategic insight in developing products to manage post-harvest losses  in Africa. Our team recognizes that to feed the world’s exploding population, we MUST save substantially more of the food that we already produce, but cannot happen without leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

My Personal Story

Growing up in a rural village in the heart of central Kenya, I experienced first-hand the devastation of food insecurity through post-harvest loss and pesticide exposure. I witnessed how much my parents had to toil to make money from selling maize to pay school fees for my siblings and me. Weevils would destroy the grains few weeks after harvest. The available synthetic pesticides were expensive and ineffective.
Another unfortunate incident shaped my career; I lost a family member to an illness linked to pesticide exposure because he had spent his career spraying crops for an agricultural company. He died at a young age. These childhood memories inspired me to pursue a course that would help me save thousands of families that had suffered a similar fate.
It is while pursuing Master’s Degree in Analytical chemistry, that the life-long idea of coming up with a solution became a reality. Two years in a research laboratory, i invented the multi-award winning organic product and our startup was born!

Success Stories