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We are dedicated to making both small-scale and large-scale farmers happy by reducing crop pests and increasing productivity.

Molepse Bio Resources

Molepse BioResources is pioneering novel organic pesticides for grain farmers, through fourth industrial revolution technologies. Dudukit is a multi-target repellant that kills both larvae and live weevils and has been processed using nanotechnology to improve its use and effectiveness. The kit is inserted in the storage bag after breaking the seal and lasts for 6 months without the need to reapply. Its eco-friendly, affordable and easy to use. 


Peter Kinyanjui I am a smallholder farmer with a harvest of about 20 bags, about 2 bags of maize are lost every season due to weevils infestation. If the slow-release product retails at $0.3 per unit for 1 bag(90kg) for 6 months.That means i need $0.6 to prevent a loss of $60. Sounds like a good deal! I need to have enough stock of this in readiness for next harvest.
John Mathu I stopped using synthetic pesticides after lossing a relative in what doctors suspected to be pesticide poisoning. I am particularly excited about the repellency action of the product through facility fumigation and the fact that there is no direct contact with my grains.


Global innovation through Science and Technology (GIST TECH -I) 2019 First Prize – Awarded in Bahrain by US Department of State,2019
National innovation award, First Prize – Kenya National Innovation Agency 2019, Kenya
East Africa Post-Harvest Technologies award First Runners-up, USAID,2017 – Kenya.
Top 50 innovator in Africa - Africa innovation summit 2018, Rwanda
Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Award – Lagos, Nigeria, 2018
Bio-based pest control innovation 2019 First Prize Winner- Awarded by the World Food Preservation center, USA.
Mount Kenya University Innovator of the year 2019- Chancellors Award.

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